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Covid-19 Safety Measures

At The Narrows Restaurant we are going above and beyond the state mandated Covid-19 safety requirements to make our indoor and outdoor dinning as safe as possible.

We have installed UV light HVAC filters in our forced air ducts along with Merv-13 filters in our air handling units. Merv-13 filters are considered the best on the market for capturing bacteria and viruses. Our high wattage UV filters installed in the heating/cooling ductwork is an added precaution and is a proven technology for killing air borne bacteria as well as viruses! On top of our air filter systems our fresh air intake for our HVAC is located directly at our front entrance providing constant fresh air intake. This combined with our powerful exhaust hood in the kitchen creates an environment where fresh air is constantly being moved through the dining area. 

Not many air purifiers are proven to kill Coronavirus but the Aeris Lite and Aeris Pro are two the have been proven to not only capture but kill the virus. We have placed these units throughout the restaurant using the manufacturers guidelines for square footage.

Our large dinning space with its 20 foot high ceilings also create a safe and open dinning experience. We hope all this information is helpful and if there are any further questions on our safety measures please feel free to reach out to us on our contact page. Thank you! 

The Narrows Restaurant and Bar